Sophisticated products, mature processes, human qualities

The mission of the fischer group

Around the world the fischer group is committed to generating the greatest customer benefit through cooperative product development, a high level of innovation and the highest manufacturing quality. This applies on the one hand to the core areas of longitudinally welded tubes made of stainless steel or other high quality materials as well as components and subassemblies developed from them. Our partnership with customers, suppliers and service providers, is based on fairness and mutual respect - which are of particular importance to us.

Profile of the fischer group

The fischer group is the world's leading supplier of longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes and components as well as subassemblies manufactured from them.

fischer in numbers:

more than 2,500 employees worldwide

149,000 tonnes of processed raw material per year

119 million meters (390 million feet) of tubing annually



For more than half a century, the fischer group has dedicated itself to manufacturing tubing. From the very beginning, the fischer design engineers have developed the entire production process and associated machine technology. Over the years, these have been continuously improved to become todays state of the art production equipment.

Further processing of the tubes into sophisticated components or subassemblies has become increasingly important over time. Here, among other things, hydroforming has established itself as a key technology within the fischer group.

Proximity to the customer has always been a priority to fischer. With locations in Germany, Austria, Canada, the U.S.A., Mexico, Uruguay, South Africa and China, the fischer group is internationally positioned and can offer its customers efficient and cost effective solutions.

Benefits for the customer

There are a number of advantages a customer can profit from. The most important aspect is the high level of added value. From tube production to the semi-automated assembly of complex weldments, the fischer group offers you the entire range of services worldwide from a single source.

But besides the hard facts, soft facts also play an important role in our daily business. Above all, a family-style management structure and culture are at the heart of the fischer group. Trust, fairness and a respectful approach are important to us – both internally and externally. This also helps in the fast and flexible development of customized solutions.

office meeting
fischer advantages at a glance
  • High added value: everything from a single source
  • Management structure to allow for fast and flexible decisions
  • Partnership approach and high customer orientation
  • Forward thinking and sustainable company management as the basis of long-term customer relationships
  • Worldwide presence
  • Technology orientation and innovativeness in methods, products and processes
  • Drive, reliability and solution orientation
  • Fast response to customer requests
  • Technology leadership in stainless steel tube manufacturing
  • Certified and thoroughly tested quality
  • First-class integration into your manufacturing processes
Management of fischer USA

The fischer group has been a medium-sized family business since 1969. In the United States of America, company founder Hans Fischer, his son Hans-Peter and Thomas Prell as well as Chris Goode form the management team.

hans fischer

“You have to believe in your own ideas, always keep your feet on the ground and if an opportunity comes along, grab it."


Hans Fischer,
Founder and Managing Director

“I am grateful that I can apply myself, for our customers and employees alike, every day. Only together can we create solutions that benefit everybody."


Hans-Peter Fischer,
Managing Partner

Hans-Peter Fischer
Tom Prell

“Customers are the reason for our existence and motivation. Together with my team, I am looking forward to master their daily challenges and to provide efficient solutions to their problems."


Thomas Prell,
Vice President

“The challenges we face daily are opportunities for a more diversified and successful business. I am proud to be part of a team that welcomes challenge, change and growth to overcome any problem we face together as a strong connected team."


Chris Goode,
Plant Manager

Kristina Prell