Size range and weights

Standard Tubing

fischer USA manufactures welded mechanical stainless steel tubing in various ferritic and austenitic grades to ASTM standard A-554 and A-268 (with some exceptions).

Our product line consists of round tubing from 1/2" to 3.350" in diameter and a variety of standard square and rectangular shapes and sizes. In addition, we produce metric sizes as well as some specialty customized shapes and open profiles. fischer USA also produces tubing in D1L and Laser Plus™ welds.

D1L can best be described as two tubes simultaneously rolled and seam-welded with one common seam-weld. Laser Plus™ is a new laser welding technique that provides stronger laser welds; particularly useful in applications where the tube is undergoing extreme forming operations or hydroforming functions.

Large Round Tubing Specialists

For over a quarter of a century, fischer prides itself on producing the highest quality stainless steel tubing for its customers. fischer has expanded its facilities and now devotes 55,000 square feet at its Canadian facility to producing large diameter tubing - up to 6'', for the North American commercial vehicle market. This increased capability in laser welded large diameter tubing will service new and existing applications in the marketplace, including all austenitic, ferritic and aluminized grades. fischer is committed to ensuring the highest quality and continues to grow to meet the demands of our customers.

Typical Applications Include:
  • Hot End Inlet Pipes
  • Catalytic Converter Shells
  • Collector Pipes
  • Intermediate Pipes
  • Large Vehicle Exhaust Tubes